Enjoy some friendly competition

Find a League of Your Own

Whether you’re looking for some friendly competition or time to socialize with players that share your passion for golf, we have a golf league with your name on it. Not only will you do what you love, but you’ll get the opportunity to hone your skills and win prizes.


Central Valley Men’s League is Thursday evenings with tee-times starting at 3:30 PM.

League format:

Two-man handicapped round robin team play.  Matches consist of three points.  Two points are determined by individual match play and the third point is determined by a total team best ball.

Entry fee: $220.00 per team

Entry fee includes:

League Fee, Hole-In-One Insurance, Year-End Meal and Handicap Fee

IMPORTANT: You must be paid-up on your GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness Club membership before we can add you to the league.

Men’s League Golf Genius Portal… COMING SOON!



2-Woman Handicapped Match Play League

The handicapped league will be 9 holes with a shotgun start at 6:00. All ladies league participants will need an established USGA handicap before league begins. Scoring will be the traditional league scoring with three points available each week participating in a round robin format. 

Entry Fee: $180 per team

Entry Fee Includes:

League Fee,  handicap Fee, Hole-in-One Insurance and $1 per person for the Ringer Tournament.


2-Woman Scramble League

The scramble league will be 9 holes with a shotgun start at 6:00. Teams will play for nine points each week in a round robin format. 

Entry Fee: $100 per team

Handicapped League Portal… COMING SOON!

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